Hazardous Waste Disposal

Other than asbestos, there are a number of other hazardous materials that can be found in a variety of locations which can damage health. Such materials cannot be disposed & transported of in the same way many other waste items can; Hird Environmental Contracts holds a full hazardous waste carriers license, awarded by the environment agency, and currently offer the following a range of collection & disposal services of hazardous waste:

  • Fly tipping of asbestos
  • Collection of asbestos laboratory sample waste
  • Removal and disposal of sharps and unsanitary objects
  • Out of hours’ collection and response as contracted with local councils
  • Contaminated land management and removal
  • Lead paint removal and management
  • MMF.
We have a range of vehicles designed specifically for the various tasks of dealing with the above situations. Alongside the general public, we also have extensive experience working with local councils, UKAS accredited laboratories & hospitals in assistance with hazardous waste disposal. Any collection and disposal of waste projects will be presented with a waste consignment note upon completion, for proof of disposal. Give Hird Environmental Contracts a call today to discuss how we can meet your waste disposal needs.

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